What to Look for in a Stroller


If you are a mom to a baby, you probably have trouble finding time to workout. That’s ok, because most moms do find time to take their little one out on a stroller walk. Why not turn that walk in to a workout by adding intensity and a variety of exercises? If you’re ready to hit the road, take a look at these tips to help you find the right stroller.

Many moms have a fleet of strollers for different activities. It’s easier to use just one, but it must suit all your needs. I recommend using the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller for everything, from exercising to trips to the mall. Since it has an infant car-seat adapter, you can use it even when your baby is very small. Some strollers are better than others for working out. Since this is your most-used baby item, it’s important to get one with the most helpful features. Look for these things:

  • Revolving front wheel.  A static wheel is great if you’re moving in a straight line. But if not, you have to lift the back wheels to turn. Swivel wheels put less strain on your wrists because you can turn the stroller with one hand. A good model also locks forward for those times when you want to go out for a run or hike on bumpy paths.
  • Adjusting canopy. Most strollers have canopies, but many are not fully adjustable. Depending on the position of the sun, you’ll want to be able to pull the canopy partially or all the way down.
  • Padded harness. For baby to have a comfortable, enjoyable experience, look for padded straps. You can add a snuggly insert to make it even cushier for him.
  •  Adjustable handles or appropriate height handlebar. Your stroller should allow you to walk with good posture, and not cause you to hunch over or reach forward uncomfortably. If you’re very short or very tall, find a stroller with an adjustable handlebar.
  • Lots of storage. Moms carry a lot of stuff. Make sure there are ample compartments for diapers, spare clothes and sippy cups. You can also look for a console to hold water, keys and exercise tubes.
  • Shocks. Choose a model with a suspension system to keep the ride smooth for your little one. The happier the baby, the longer you can walk.
  • Parking Brake. Look for strong, secure parking brakes. Many moms prop their strollers against something to keep them from rolling. You wouldn’t drive a car with bad brakes and you shouldn’t drive a stroller with bad brakes. A foot brake is more dependable than a handlebar brake.
  • Wheels. The kind of wheels you need depends on the kind of terrain you’ll be covering. Most likely this will vary from rolling on a smooth sidewalk to dirt. A tire with deep treads better handles all terrains. A low to no-tread tire is better for flat, smooth roads.

With the right stroller, you and your family will cover miles and years of fun together.

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