Trail Running Safety Tips for Parents with Jogging Strollers

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Trail running with your jogging stroller can be a fun alternative to running on roads, but there are some safety precautions you should take when exploring new terrain, especially with your baby in tow. Be sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you travel off the beaten path with your little one, or on your own.

Babies aren’t ready to ride on rough terrain in a jogging stroller until they are at least 8 months old. Remember to check with your pediatrician before running with your baby. Smaller babies’ neck muscles may not be strong enough for some of the more bumpy trails, so it’s always best to get the go-ahead from a doctor first to be safe.

Stay Alert

It’s important to use all your senses to assess your surroundings when you’re running on a trail. While you need to be aware no matter where you are running, trail-running requires an even more hyper-focused state of mind. Especially when running with your baby, you want to always keep a careful eye out.

Take it Easy

You may be a fast runner when you stick to your neighborhood streets, but it’s best to start out slow and steady when you hit the trails. Off-road terrain can be unpredictable, so keeping a stable, consistent pace will pay off. Trail-running gives you a great workout, no matter what pace is most comfortable for you. If you’re running with a stroller, be sure to lock the front wheel for added stability when taking on the trail’s ups and downs.

Bring Extra Essentials

Whatever you would normally bring for a run, bring extra just in case of an emergency. If you end up being out on the trail for much longer than you thought, you will have plenty of food, water and supplies to go around. If your baby is on board, bring plenty of snacks, toys and books to ensure they are happy and occupied.

Take Extra Steps

A good guideline for running a trail is to take more steps than what you think are necessary. If you think you could cover a portion of ground in 2 steps, go ahead and take 3. This way, you’ll become accustomed to being extra careful on such rocky terrain, avoiding trips and falls.

Bring a Phone

You should always bring a phone with you when you’re trail-running. You never know when you will need to contact someone. In the rare event you get lost out on the trail, you’ll want to be able to get in touch with a friend or family member who can help. Let someone know where you’re going beforehand, so they will always know where to find you in the case of an emergency.

Prepare for Everything

When you’re running on a trail, you need to prepare for unlikely situations. Go through hypothetical scenarios and find solutions for them, so you’ll be ready for anything. Although we hope emergencies will never occur, if you are prepared for them, you won’t be caught off-guard and will be able to think more clearly to react right away.

Trail running is the perfect way to spend the day with your baby. Your BOB stroller is equipped to handle off-road exercise with your little one, but it’s important to be extra careful to ensure you have a smooth and safe run.

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