Tips for Winter Stroller Outings

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The weather is cooling down, but don’t go into hibernation just yet! Even during the winter, you and your little one can get out of the house and go on a jog or run. Before you head out the door, brush up on our tips for staying safe and keeping warm:

Check the Forecast

While you can still bring your baby along in cooler weather, it’s always important to use discretion. Check the forecast for the entire day before planning your outing. Don’t venture too far from home in case the wind picks up and you need to get your little one back inside unexpectedly.

Wear Warm Layers

Always bundle up and bring lots of layers so you’re prepared for any sudden changes in weather. You never know when there will be rainfall, strong winds or an extreme drop in temperatures. It’s better to have extra clothes you don’t need than to not have enough to keep your baby cozy. Bring extra socks, shirts, pants, jackets and hats just in case.

Bring Lip Balm

The cold weather can cause some seriously chapped lips. Your running buddy’s lips can get just as dry as yours do, so bring extra to share.

Use a Weather Shield

If you haven’t already invested in a weather shield for your stroller, now is the perfect time. This accessory helps keep your baby warm during cold winter days, and is see-through so your little one can still enjoy the view!

Pack Appropriate Snacks

Not all snacks are easy to consume when it’s cold or windy.Pack crackers and other dry snacks that are still easy to reach with mittens on. Make sure sippy cups are properly sealed to avoid spills, which can make your baby colder.

End on a Warm Note

The summer months are great for running to a park or playground, but on colder days, it’s best to opt for a warmer, indoor destination. Plan your outing with a coffee shop or corner store in mind as a halfway point to give your little one a break from the cold.

It’s easy to put off exercise and family outings during the winter months. But with these cold weather guidelines, you and you baby won’t have to take a break from your daily adventures!

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