Tips for Running in the Dark

Life gets busy, especially when you have little ones. With the fall and winter coming up, the days are getting even shorter. In order to stay active, you might have to find time in the early morning or evening to go out on a run with baby in tow. Of course, your main concern is staying safe and keeping your child safe. Here are a few guidelines to follow when you’re running in the dark with your baby, or even on your own:

Wear Reflective Gear

Having some kind of reflective material on you and your stroller is extremely important so drivers can see you. Of course, our new reflective BOB Revolution FLEX Lunar stroller is the perfect stroller for staying visible. But, did you know BOB strollers have always featured reflective elements to help you stay safe while running in low light conditions? You may want to consider using a headlamp or attaching a light to your stroller as well. Anything that makes you more visible will make your run much safer.

Run on the Left Side

You should face traffic any time you’re running, but especially at night. Running on the left side allows you to be prepared if a car is coming out of nowhere. You want to always be able to see the headlights of oncoming traffic.

Run in Lit Areas

Just because the sun isn’t out, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of areas that are lit up and safe for you to explore with your little one. Stick to busy roads and avoid secluded paths or trails. Neighborhoods with street lamps or well-lit parks are good choices.

Don’t Listen to Music

When running in the dark, it’s important to stay alert and keep your ears open. While music is great for running during the day, in the dark you need to rely on all your senses so you’re ultra-aware of your surroundings.

Bring a Cell Phone

Always bring your cell phone in case you need help. Your BOB stroller has plenty of room in the storage basket for you to bring your phone, plus any other belongings you and your baby may need during your run.

Bring an ID

Be sure your driver’s license is on you when you go for a run. For added safety, bring along an ID tag, which can easily be stuck to a shoe or other piece of clothing. This tag should be accessible and include an emergency contact.

Run with a Partner

Aside from your baby, bring a running partner along. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, significant other or even your dog, running with a companion is the safest way to go. Plus, you’ll have someone to keep you company, which always makes exercise more fun.

Plan Your Route

Sticking to a specific route is safest for you and your child. While it can be fun to explore different trails during the day, at night it’s better to stick to designated paths you know like the back of your hand.

Of course it’s safest to run during daylight hours, but we can’t always fit exercise into our busy days. If you follow these safety rules during your off-peak outings, you and your baby should be good to go. Happy running from BOB!

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