Nine Months On, Nine Months Off

Stroller Strides by FIT4MOM® Supplies Safe, Month-by-Month Tips to Tackle the Baby Bulge

By Farel Hruska, National Fitness Director of FIT4MOM ®

 Some may assume that expectant mothers have little to be consumed with leading up to labor, aside from nesting and nursery décor, but proactive mommies-to-be are already devising plans for how to shed the post-pregnancy pounds. For those determined to dive into a postpartum fitness routine right after delivery, FIT4MOM’s National Fitness Director, Farel Hruska has developed some month-by-month tips for getting back into shape safely and sensibly.

“I applaud new mothers eager to get back into fighting form after pregnancy, but fitness goals must be realistic and respectful of the time it takes to bounce back after birth,” said Hruska. “New moms need to remember that it took nine months to gain the weight – at least that much time needs to be allotted for the way back.”

Based on a nine-month timeline, Hruska recommends the following tips for new moms looking to successfully reshape their bodies at a healthy pace:

  • MONTH ONE: Focus on Reconditioning Your Core

Begin to re-strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with gentle pelvic rocks and kegel contractions.

  • MONTH TWO: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Make sure that you are drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. Don’t forget to add an additional glass for each hour of physical activity.

  • MONTH THREE: Make Your Way Back to Walking

Begin gentle walking. Both you and your baby will appreciate getting out of the house and into the fresh air.

  • MONTH FOUR: Use Baby as Your BarbellMom Exercising with baby

Maximize your workout and your time with baby by using your little one as a weight. Using a front pack baby carrier, engage in squats, lunges and plies, rest baby on your middle for abdominal-strengthening hip bridges, or lift baby in the air for chest presses.

  • MONTH FIVE: Nourish Yourself Like You Would Your Baby

Even if you’re not nursing, continue to eat as if your food fuels your baby. Chances are, you’ll make better choices for your child than you would for yourself. Remember to include lots of whole foods, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • MONTH SIX: Start Your Stroller Workout

Get fit with your baby, the stroller and a supportive new group of friends by joining a group stroller exercise class like Stroller Strides.  Outside of class, take baby on a rigorous walk that includes hills and varying speed intervals. Make sure you are focused on good posture while pushing your pram.

  • MONTH SEVEN: Make Time For Meal Breaks

Make sure that you are eating enough to sustain your activity. Instead of a few large meals, try eating five or six mini-meals throughout the day.

  • MONTH EIGHT: Keep Your Fitness Consistency in Check

You should be participating in some type of physical activity most days of the week. Remember that your workout doesn’t have to be traditional in order for it to count – some quick crunches with baby qualify!

  • MONTH NINE: Remember Your Role Model Status

Your motivation to be a fit mom is admirable, but remember that being a great mom and a role model come first. Show your little one that your goal is health and wellness and not just a size or number on the scale. Celebrate all of the joys of being a new mom – even if it means some new curves.




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