Holiday Eating: Swap THIS for THAT


The holidays can really put a damper on your health and fitness goals. It’s easy to veer off track when you’re surrounded by sweets and treats. One way to avoid temptation is by swapping out unhealthy ingredients for lighter options. We put together a list of nutritious substitutions for some of your favorite holiday recipes, so you don’t have to miss out on meals to keep up with your goals this season.

Swap out Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate

Is your stocking filled with sweets? Swap out milk chocolate bars with dark chocolate to save calories. Not only is dark chocolate lower in fat and sugar, but it has also been linked to health benefits like improved blood flow and lower blood pressure. While it should still be consumed in moderation, dark chocolate is a great substitute for sweeter treats (and still tastes great!).

Swap out White Bread for Whole Grain Bread

Many holiday recipes are bread-based, causing your carb and calorie intake to pile up fast! Replacing white bread with whole grain is one way to maintain a more nutritious diet this season. For starters, try using whole grain bread cubes for your stuffing recipe this year.

Swap out Butter for Olive Oil

Use olive oil instead of butter, margarine or vegetable oil for all your cakes, cookies and other holiday treats. Olive oil cuts back on the cholesterol and saturated fat content, and gives your desserts a more light and airy taste.

Swap out Egg Nog for Apple Cider

Egg nog is a popular treat to enjoy during the holiday season, but apple cider is a good alternative. Apple cider is still festive, and can warm you up on a cold winter night. Replacing eggnog with cider can save you hundreds of calories this holiday season.

Swap out Sugary Soda for Club Soda

Holiday recipes are much less caloric when you replace sugary soda with club soda. Whether you use soda for a mixer or a drink with dinner, switching to club soda significantly reduces your fat, calorie and sugar intake.

You don’t have to avoid all the delicious holiday treats this season to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope our tips help you lighten up your favorite dishes so you can partake in all the eating without feeling guilty. Happy holidays from the gang at BOB!

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