Get Motivated With The 4 Song Running Challenge

It’s never too late to set fitness goals for 2017!

Tiffany Krumins - 4 Song Running Challenge

I’ll never be a “marathon-mama.”  A 5k mama—absolutely.  A 10k mama—maybe. But a marathon mama? Probably not.

The good news is–I’m ok with that. I want to run at a comfortable pace, while allowing myself to improve upon my distance and time. Most importantly, I want to become stronger in the process.

Each and every time I take a lengthy break from running, I have to slowly ease myself back into it. I use this simple technique every time, so I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that it will change your running experience for the better.

4-Song Running Challenge

Your goal is to (eventually) run for the duration of 4 songs. Some of you may think that is quite simple, while others may not be able to run for a full minute yet. That’s ok. The goal is, by the end of February, to be able to run for the duration of 4 songs, which is right around 20 minutes.

Think about it; Running for 20 minutes, 3-5 times a week is greatly beneficial to your health (and waistline).

Here’s how to get started:

Do NOT Google: “How quickly should a healthy adult run a mile?”

What you’ll find are answers from die-hard runners who have been training their entire lives. You don’t want to have the wind taken out of your sails before you even begin.

The truth is, any time is a good time! If you are challenging yourself, your time shouldn’t matter. I keep up with my time only to motivate myself for the next run. So, if I run an average 12 minute mile, on my next run I try to shave off 10-20 seconds. (And so on and so forth).

Choose your 4 favorite workout songs.

Pick 4 songs that make you want to take on the world, and put them on your phone or music-playing device. They may be current chart toppers or songs from the 90’s that you absolutely love.

Invest in good running shoes.

Make sure you have a good running shoe that fits correctly. Finding the right running shoe for YOU is half of the running battle. I encourage you to visit a local running shoe store to have the shoe fit properly.

Change up your gear.

You will have much more fun with this goal if you aren’t wearing old, raggedy gear from 10 years ago.

Find something FUN to run in. Choose an outfit that makes you feel good and stay MOTIVATED!

Get out and RUN!

No matter how slowly you start, just get out and run. Find a local park, bring your BOB stroller, some water, and a few snacks for your little one.

Start out running for the duration of 1 song. When you are done, celebrate that victory! The following day, run for the duration of 2 songs. Continue this pattern until you are able to run for the duration of 4 songs.

Have fun with it, and remember: You can do this!

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